№3 2010
Materials science
Formation of TN1 alloy structure under strain and thermal treatment.
M. Kollerov, D. Gusev, A. Sharonov, A. Ovchinnikov, A. Alexandrov.
Strength of solid state joint of nanostructured titanium alloy VT6.
M. Mukhametrakhimov

Semi-products manufacturing technologies
Improvement of arc-slag remelting of titanium and its alloys.
L. Medovar, V. Saenko, V. Ryabinin, A. Stovpchenko, B. Fedorovsky
Optimization of calculating the deformations and calibration of tools used for the mills for cold rolling of titanium alloy tubes.
M. Egorov, S. Kurganov
Development of optimal manufacturing modes of titanium alloy compressor disc closed die forgings deformed in ß-field.
I. Levin, A. Shibanov, V. Kropotov, N. Shchetnikov, A. Troshin. D. Vinokurov
Evaluation of refining capacity of scull melting for manufacture of semi-products of rotary application.
I. Puzakov, N. Tarenkova, A. Gorina

Semi-products treatment technologies
Effect of thermoplastic processing on physico-mechanical properties and structure of high-strength titanium alloys of tipe 5B used for energoequipment details.
L. Ivanova, I. Kozlova, A. Kudriavtsev, Y. Chudakov

Titanium application
Material engineering and technological aspects af design of high-loaded orthopedic implants made of titanium alloys.
V. Karpov, A. Mamonov, V. Spektor, V. Mona, D. Shavyrin

Events and anniversaries
To the 80-year anniversary Mark Musatov.
To the 80-year anniversary Anatoly Petrunko.
To the 80-year anniversary Igor Levin.

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