№2 2022
Materials science
Superelastic composite material with silicone rubber matrix reinforced with titanium nickelide wire
D.E. Gusev, A.A. Sharonov, R.E. Vinogradov, D.V. Burdin
The characteristics of the superelastic behavior of a composite material with a silicone rubber matrix reinforced with titanium nickelide wire are studied. The influence of the chemical composition and structure of the wire on the static and cyclic properties of the composite during bending is shown. The concept of critical deformation of a composite material during bending is introduced, upon reaching which dislocation slip begins to develop intensively in the reinforcing elements and an unrecovered deformation is formed.
Keywords: NiTi alloy, composite, silicone rubber, critical strain, bending tests.

Influence of stepped heat treatment parameters on structure and mechanical properties of semi-finished products of system Ti-Al-Mo-V-Cr-Fe pseudo-β titanium alloy
V.P. Leonov, N.V. Ivannikova, E.V. Chudakov, V.P. Kulik
Influence of strengthening heat treatment modes on structure and mechanical properties of the deformed half-finished products from titanium pseudo-β alloy of composition Ti-Al-Mo-V-Cr-Fe is investigated. The comparative analysis of characteristics of strength, plasticity and impact strength has allowed making a choice of variants of processing, allowing to achieve an increase of properties complex.
Keywords: titanium alloys, strengthening heat treatment, aging, structure, mechanical properties.

Investigation of resistance to crevice corrosion of materials used in medicine
Yu.V. Chernyshova, A.M. Mamonov, O.Z. Pozhoga, A.P. Neiman, S.M. Sarychev
Resistance of titanium and titanium nickelide alloys to the crevice corrosion in comparison with the other materials used for medical implants was investigated in this work. It was shown that titanium and titanium nickelide alloys were less susceptible to the low content of oxygen in the medium and also are much more resistant materials to crevice corrosion.
Keywords: titanium, titanium nickelide, medical implants, corrosion resistance, crevice corrosion.

Research of degradation of characteristics titanium alloys properties on the effect of elevated temperatures
Yu.A. Popova, A.A. Filatov, A.O. Akulinin
Tensile tests of samples from the main structural titanium alloys were carried out at elevated test temperatures and at room temperature after exposure to short-term heats. Mechanical properties of materials after high-temperature exposure are determined. Dependencies of mechanical characteristics on temperature of thermal impact were investigated.
Keywords: structural materials, titanium alloys, mechanical properties, elementary samples, temperature impact.

Processing technologies
Development of a technique for applying titanium coatings on small items and dispersed materials
K.N. Karimov, E.F. Voznesensky, Y.A. Timoshina, M.M. Grebenshchikova, N.V. Tikhonova, Y.O. Zhelonkin
The paper presents the results of experimental research of titanium coating on granulated aluminum oxide, used as a model object for working out the technology of core-shell powders production. The scheme of a mixing device for processing of granulated materials is proposed. It is shown that titanium coating with thickness of 0.3 μm with coating time of 7 min has been obtained during coating by arc evaporation with preliminary ion bombardment of the surface. The morphology of the titanium coating on aluminum oxide pellets was studied.
Keywords: arc evaporation, core-shell, ion bombardment, powder materials, coating, arc discharge, stirring.

Application. Quality. Market.
Overview of china's modern titanium industry (2022)
A.V. Alexandrov, S.V. Lednov, D.A. Babinov
This article contains a comprehensive analysis of Chinese titanium producers based on reports from international conferences, official websites of companies, advertising brochures and material from international rating agencies. It describes the main achievements of the Chinese titanium industry, development of the raw material base, production of semi-finished and final products, equipment, and the level of vertical integration with numbers of companies. It was revealed that the key drivers of the industry are the chemical, energy and aerospace industries. The results obtained verify the qualitative growth of the titanium industry in China.
Keywords: titanium industry, titanium market, China.

Problems of using titanium alloys in the design and manufacture of medical devices
M.Yu. Kollerov, A.M. Mamonov, S.V. Skvortsova, V.S. Spektor
The problems of developers and manufacturers of implantable medical devices related to the expansion of the use of titanium and its alloys in this area are considered. The analysis of the world and Russian markets of medical devices is given. The overwhelming share of foreign implants in the Russian market was noted. The issues of registration of medical devices in a constantly changing regulatory framework are considered. The forecast of the needs of Russian manufacturers of medical devices by types of semi-finished products is given. Examples of effective technologies developed and already used in the production of medical implants made of titanium alloys are given.
Keywords: titanium, implantable medical devices, market, technologies, regulatory documentation, semi-finished products.
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