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Raw materials. Titanium sponge
Kola titanium raw material for synthesis of functional materials
L .Gerasimova, A. Nikolaev, M. Maslova, E .Shchukina S.
Kola Peninsula is concentrated a significant part of complex reserves of raw materials containing Ti, Nb, Ta, Zr and rare-earth metals, etc. Scientific bases of production, enrichment and processing of such raw materials are created in the Kola Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences. One of the reasons deterrent the promotion of scientific development is absence of a comprehensive development of the industrial base - an intermediary for the creation of industrial production to produce a wide range of products, including import substitution and strategic materials, including ensuring the national security of the country.
Keywords: non-traditional raw materials, strategic materials, functional materials, mineral tanning agents, sorbents, metals and metal compounds.

Materials science
Phase and structural transformations in alloys of the Ti-6Al-Sc
S. Skvortsova, I. Grushin, N. Mamontova, К. Speranskiy, S. Slezov
The influence of different content of scandium in alloys of Ti-6Al-Sc on the structure and phase composition in the cast and deformed states, and after various heat treatment regimes. The introduction% Sc 2 leads to a reduction in its density by 1% as compared with the alloy VT6.
According to studies built polythermal sectional view showing the phase change in the composition depending on temperature and the contents of scandium.
Keywords: titanium, phase composition, phase equilibrium, structure, REM, scandium, density, specific strength.

Semi-products manufacturing technologies
Deformation ability research of the titanium alloy ti-3al-2.5v and the assessment of the technological capability production of hot-extrusion tube from him
Y. Kosmatskiy, N. Fokin, E. Filyaeva, B. Barichko
Work is dedicated to research of a titanium alloy Ti-3Al-2.5V, deformation ability and also to the analysis of restrictions which can interfere to production of the hot-extrusion tubes TREX (Tube Rolling Extrusion). The data obtained during research are the basis for development of the production technology of hot-extrusion tubes.
Keywords: titanium alloy, deformation ability, deformation resistance, extrusion of pipes.

New process flow diagrams of the “low-cost” titanium powder production for additive processes
M. Khaznaferov, T. Ianko, A. Ovchinnikov
This work presents the results of development and testing of manufacturing schemes for obtainment of alloyed titanium powders by hydrogenation-dehydrogenation (HDH) method from synthesized titanium workpieces. Chemical and fractional composition of the powders corresponds with foreign counterparts for additive technologies. The possibility of developing HDH-powders serial production on the basis of existing industrial equipment is stated.
Keyword: additive technology, titanium alloy, powder, synthesis, fraction.

Application of metal-thermal process for titanium master alloys and compounds production
N. Nechayev, V. Nechaev
The possibility of titanium master alloy obtaining with aluminum and titanium carbide using standard equipment for titanium sponge production by magnesium-thermal process is shown. Finished products of powdered titanium aluminide, suitable for coating and titanium carbide for polishing pastes, ceramic products were obtained in a pilot scale. The directions of magnesium-thermal method improvement to produce new types of titanium-containing products were investigated.
Keywords: titanium, master alloy, aluminide and titanium carbide, X-ray analysis, magnesium-thermal process, retort, reaction mass block.

Semi-products treatment technologies
Development of industrial technology manufacturing of semi-finished products from near-a-titanium alloy BT41
E. Kablov, O. Kashapov, T. Pavlova, N. Nochovnaya
The article describes processes forming of structure of near-a-titanium alloy BT41 after different modes of thermal and thermomechanical processing in the deformed semi-finished products (bars, plates, sheets and forgings) on industrial equipment available in mass production. Mechanical properties of different experimental and industrial semi-finished products are demonstrated.
Keywords: heat-resistance titanium alloys, semi-finished products, technological properties, mechanical properties, structure.

Titanium application
Prooxidative action of titanium wear particles and possible ways of its decrease
V. Bulgakov, N. Gavryushenko, D. Tetyukhin, E. Kozlov, V. Tatarinov, А. Shalnev, А. Nevzorov
Wear of titanic components causes self-potentiation of free radical reactions because of continuous formation of active fresh metallic particles. Surface hardening of titanic components by method of ion-plasma nitriding decreases formation of wear particles, but isn't capable to reduce intensity of free radical reactions significantly. Human вone fat reveals the significant lubricating action in titanium-titanium friction pair and inhibits initiation of tribochemical free radical reactions. Use of carbon nanomaterial in friction unit with titanic components prevents formation of the active metal particles with radical-generating ability.
Keywords: titanium, wear particles, ion-plasma nitriding, carbon-base nanocomposite, free radicals, bone fat.

Comparison of the properties of implants for funnel chest correction, made of titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V and stainless steel 316l
D. Gusev, M. Kollerov, Yu. Chernyshova, A. Chernyshova
In this work the characteristics of efficiency and biocompatibility of implantable plates of titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V and stainless steel 316L of different producers were investigated. It is shown that the level of mechanical properties of the titanium alloy plates is appreciably greater than similar stainless steel plates. Biocompatibility of materials with used method measure of corrosion resistance by anodic potentiodynamic polarization was evaluated. This method has shown significant advantages of the alloy Ti-6Al-4V compared to steel 316L.
Keywords: alloy Ti-6Al-4V, steel 316L, thoracic surgery, biocompatibility.

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