№2 2010
Raw materials. Titanium sponge
Sinthesis of nano-size titanium dioxide.
L. Gerasimova, A Nikolaev.

Materials science
Investigation fracture toughness strength high-strength titanium alloys welding near-a-titanium alloys comformably to marine vehicle products.
A. Kudryavtsev, D. Panotskiy
Quantitative procedures for the determination of a texture and anisotropy of properties of titanium and magnesium alloys.
S. Betsofen, V.Smirnov, A Ashmarin, A. Shaforostov
Application of vacuum ion-plasma nitriding for wear resistance improvement of medical implants.
A. Mamonov, V. Spektor, E. Lukina, S. Sarychev.

Semi-products manufacturing technologies
Production of large ingots of titanium alloys by the electron beam melting method.
B. Paton, N. Trigub, S. Akhonin
Bases of titanium and titanium-based alloys melting in installation with cold crucible.
A. Alexandrov, E. Afonin, S. Dello, M. Kollerov, V. Konstantinov, S. Kuznetsov, I. Polkin.
New process for high quality titanium alloys production from scrap and uncrushed sponge.
A. Volkov.

Events and anniversaries
Khorev Anatoly Ivanovich. To the fiftieth anniversary of scientific and industrial activity on creation of titanium alloys and technological processes of their manufacture and application.
To the 50-year anniversary Andrey Zeljansky.
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