№1 2018
Raw materials. Metallurgy
Chlorination of domestic titanium bearing feedstock in fluidized bed reactors
K.L. Zanaveskin
In the article the existing industrial methods of obtaining titanium tetrachloride from various mineral titanium-containing raw materials are considered. It is shown that the process of chlorination in fluidized bed reactors is the most modern and universal method of obtaining TiCl4. The results of chlorination of quartz-leucoxene, autoclave titanium concentrates, as well as titanium slag, are presented. It is shown that domestic titanium raw materials can be processed by the chlorination in fluidized bed reactors. The optimal temperature interval for the chlorination of the Yarega concentrates is 850–900°C. It was shown that the processing of titanium slags should be carried out at a temperature of 1100°C.
Keywords: titanium-containing raw materials, chlorination, titanium tetrachloride, fluidized bed reactor

Materials science
Research of technological characteristics and microstructural transformations of Ti6Al4V alloy after deformation
A.Y. Izobello, A.V. Basalay, E.G. Bilenko, I.I. Smazheuski
This article presents the results of investigation of technological plasticity, microstructure, phase composition, mechanical properties of samples from Ti-6Al-4V alloy subjected to hot plastic deformation.
Keywords: titanium alloy, endoprosthesis, technological plasticity, stamping, microstructure.

Manufacturing technologies
Powder metallurgy of titanium in belarus: history, current status and prospects
A.Ph. Illyushenko, V.V. Savich
A brief review of the history, current state and prospects of titanium powder metallurgy in the Belarus, in the countries of the post-Soviet space and in the world is given. New methods for obtaining billets, semi-finished products and products from powders and granules of commercially pure titanium and titanium alloys are presented. Perspective directions of application of methods and technologies of powder metallurgy for the production of new types of products are shown.
Keywords: powder, pressing, sintering, rolling

Development of manufacture of seamless-rolled rings, forgings and bars of marine titanium alloys under the conditions on JVS «Ruspolymet»
A.S. Kydriavtsev, D.A. Panotskiy, A.G. Khachaturian, A.L. Sapunov
The results of the development on JVS «Ruspolymet» industrial technologies manufacture of seamless-rolled rings, forgings and bars of near-α-titanium alloys and results studies of microstructural features and mechanical properties of industrial lots of deformed semi-finished products are presented.
Keywords: near-α-titanium alloys, rolled rings, forgings, bars, structure, mechanical properties.

Processing technologies
Induction thermal processing of titanium alloys
I.I. Vegera, A.I. Mihlyuk, V.B. Demidovich, M.Yu. Hatsayuk
The article deals with the using of a perspective method for heating titanium alloys such as induction high-frequency heating. Its advantages and features are shown here. Questions of the uniformity of the distribution of temperature fields over the sectional view of the titanium blank during the induction heating are considered. A new technology and equipment for precision induction heating of titanium blanks with the realization of reciprocating motion of the billet are proposed. The prospects of using the developed technology and equipment for various technological operations are shown.
Keywords: induction heating, titanium alloys, modeling, temperature fields.

Application. Quality. Market
Production and application of biologically and mechanically compatible NiTi implants
M.Yu. Kollerov, A.A. Ilyin
Main application areas of titanium nickelide based alloys possessing shape memory effect, superelasticity and high strain-controlled fatigue limit for biologically and mechanically compatible medical implants have been considered. Approaches for the choosing of NiTi chemical composition and technologies of their semi-products treatment for the required exploitation properties of implants and external prostheses have been demonstrated.
Keywords: titanium nickelide, memory effect, superelasticity, strain-controlled fatigue limit, medical products, implant.

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