№1 2016
Materials science
Computer modeling the deformation processes of titanium alloys accounting the effect crystallographic characteristics of structure elements
A. Oryshchenko, V. Leonov, A. Musienko, I. Kozlova
By means of the finite-element method the calculations of the one-axial strain process of titanium alloys with various types of structure was realized for estimation the effect of structure elements crystallographic characteristics.
Keywords: Titanium alloys, computational crystal plasticity, crystallographic characteristics

Stability assessment for chemical composition and mechanical properties of semi-finished products from titanium alloys
I. Polkin, J. Egorova, L. Davidenko
Complex statistical research of chemical composition and mechanical properties for deformed semi-finished products of titanium alloys, produced on different plants from 1970 on 2011 year, were prepared.
Keywords: titanium alloys, ingots, deformed semi-finished products, chemical composition, mechanical properties, statistical research.

Influence of hydrogen alloying on structure and phase composition of titanium and zirconium alloys for implanted medical products
A. Mamonov, A. Safaryan, V. Zasypkin, E. Agarkova
The influence of additional hydrogen alloying and hydrogenation thermokinetic conditions on the phase composition and structure of Zr-2,5Nb zirconium alloy was investigated. The achieved effects were compared with titanium alloys as a possibility for refinement of the initial lamellar structure. The significant differences in the features of structure and phase composition formation in VT20 titanium alloy and Zr-2,5Nb zirconium alloy were revealed during the hydrogen alloying, which concerned stability of beta-phase, volume effects of phase transformations, etc.
Keywords: titanium, zirconium, hydrogen, thermohydrogen treatment, structure, medical implants.

Investigation of contact corrosion resistance of titanium alloys and other metallic materials for medical implants
Yu. Chernyshova, A. Safaryan, V. Karpov, D. Gusev
In this work we investigated contact corrosion resistance of titanium and other alloys used in endoprosthesis now, and zirconium-based alloy which is a perspective material for using in this area. It was revealed that the contact corrosion rate of stainless steel in combination with Co-Cr-Mo alloy in constructions of implants was 22 folds greater compared with other materials combinations, which indicates the danger of these materials coupling. Our studies also revealed the danger of coupling from titanium alloys with Co-Cr-Mo alloy, which is confirmed by the clinical experience of their application. It was shown that titanium-titanium nickelide and titanium-zirconium metal couples were at risk.
Keywords: titanium, titanium nickelide, zirconium, medical implants, corrosion resistance, contact corrosion.

Calculation-experimental method of forecasting fracture toughness of titanium alloys
S. Serikov
In an article, in Scheme of viscous plastic medium, it is being simulated the behavior of titanium alloys which deform over time under load in a wide range of strain rates. A method for determining the mechanical properties of metals was developed, that allows with the calculation-experimental method to predict the fracture toughness of titanium alloys.
Keywords: titanium alloy, viscous plastic medium, strength limit, coefficient of dynamic viscosity, elongation, fracture energy, fracture strength, deformation rate, resilience.

Semi-products manufacturing technologies
Composite melting furnace construction prospects for titanium production development
А. Volkov
Composite melting furnace (КП) is intended for various titanium alloy remelting and refining into high quality semiproducts (bar, sheet, tubular billet, powder).
Keywords: composite melting furnace, vacuum, electric arc, electron beam, ray casting.

Technology of titanium alloys rolling in 3-roll passes
O. Siverin, V. Dukmasov
The technology of titanium alloys rolling for the continuous light-section threeroll wire mill of the Chepetsk Mechanical Plant was developed. Recommended conditions of billets heating in the heating furnace are specified. The basic parameters for design of grooving are suggested. The experimental dependences for calculation of strain resistance to the seven alloys were found. The reliability of the developed grooving is shown by the way of the experimental rolling.
Keywords: rolling, continuous mill, multiroll passes, grooving.

Titanium market
Features of modern titanium sponge market
A. Alexandrov
In this article an attempt is made to present the dynamics of production of titanium sponge in the major producing countries over the last ten years, as well as to analyze the prospects. Compares the volumes of production of titanium sponge and the production of titanium mill products. The factors of influence and important features of the modern titanium market.
Keywords: titanium sponge, titanium market, titanium mill products

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