№1 2012
Materials science
Mathematical model of dissolution of particles of carbon in the titan an influence of the concentrated streams of energy.
V. Sarychev, B. Khaimzon, V. Gromov, N. Soskova
Titanium alloys operational reliability assessment.
S. Serikov

Semi-products treatment technologies
Resistance to deformation and drafting pattern algorithm for hot and warm rolling of titanium alloy sheets.
V. Vodolazski, A. Zaizev, G. Zuev, V. Mihailov, F. Vodolazski
The influence of hardening curve on deformation localization during the upsetting of titanium article.
Yu. Loginov, A. Ershov

Titanium application
Titanium containing ion-exchanger for effluent water cleaning from non-ferrous heavy metals and radionuclides.
L. Gerasimova, M. Maslova, A. Nikolaev
Fundamental and applied research in constructional titanium alloys and advanced lines of development theory.
A. Khorev
Innovation technologies and application of titanium alloys in new solutions of JSC "Sukhoi" devolpment design office.
V. Kashirin, A. Burkhanova, A. Filatov

Titanium market
Methodical aspects of process of formation of the added cost at production from the titan with high degree of readiness with an example of JSC "Corporation VSMPO-AVISMA".
L. Kostygova, A. Hotinsky, D. Sannikov

Events and anniversaries
To the 60-year anniversary Evgeny Kablov.
65 years to Nizhny Novgorod JSC "Normal".
To the 50-year anniversary Vadim Lobanov.
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