№1 2010
Raw materials. Titanium sponge
Comparison of geological and economic evaluation of titanium deposits of Russia.
Byhovskiy, L. Tigunov, E. Kalish.
The project of mining and chemical plant for complex processing Yarega titanium ore with the manufacture of titanium dioxide pigment, aerosil and nanostructural materials and with the opportunity to produce metallic titanium.
A. Pranovich, A. Klyamko, V. Korzhakov, V. Vlasenko.
Ordinary and new technologies of refining of titanium.
G. Kolobov, K. Pecheritsa.

Materials science
Using the method of thermal analysis for defining the temperature of complete polymorphous transformation of two-phase titanium alloy.
D. Gadeev, A. Illarionov, A. Popov, M. Ryzhkov, E. Kolosova, M. Popova, P. Altman, N. Bondaryuk.
The shape memory effect in commercial constructional titanium alloys.
M. Kollerov, S. Skvortsova, A. Sharonov, I. Sharonov.

Semi-products manufacturing technologies
Macroscopic segregation iron and oxygen by solidification of titanium ingots.
A. Amelin, V. Kostenko, M. Kruglenko, P. Pap.
New metallurgical process for titanium refining.
A. Volkov.
The decision of international conference “The ore base of titanium in CIS - 2009”(November 12, 2009. Moscow).
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